The New School Contact Information

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The New School is listed as a well-known University in New York City, the United States. Established in the year of 1919 by a group of progressive educators, the University now comprises seven advanced academic divisions. The New School and its all seven academic divisions were renamed to their present names in the year of 2005. Earlier, the University was known as the New School for Social Research. Since its inception, The New School is renowned for its standard of teaching and housing the international academics. It is also well known for hosting the prestigious National Book Awards. The New School for Design is the highly competitive art school of the University and draws students across the globe.

The New School Contact Information

  • Address: The New School, 66 West 12th Street
    New York, NY 10011
    Phone Number: +1 212-229-5600(General Information)
  • Welcome Center
    Address: 72 Fifth Avenue (corner of 13th Street)
    New York, NY 1001
  • Website:

For Admission Information

Admission & Financial Aid Information: 212-229-5150 or 800-292-3040


As of 2016,9,974 students took admissions in various graduate and undergraduate degree programs. These programs are divided into seven different schools. They teach a comprehensive suite of disciplines, including the social sciences, liberal arts, humanities, architecture, fine arts, design, music, drama, finance, psychology and public policy.

Helpdesk Number

The New School Help Desk Number: 212-229-5300 x2828


For further information about the University and its educational programs, you can dial The New School Phone Number for General Information. Refer to the above mentioned The New School Contact Information along with Admission Information and Helpdesk. Comprehensive The New School Contact Information is mentioned above.

The New School Courses Phone Number

  • The New School for Design: 212-229-8933
  • The New School for Music: 212-580-0210 x4802
  • The New School for Public Engagement: 212-229-5615
  • Business Courses: 212-229-5961
  • English Language Studies Courses: 212-229-5372
  • Foreign Language Courses: 212-229-5676
  • Humanities Courses: 212-229-5961
  • Media Studies and Film Courses: 212-229-8903
  • Social Science Courses: 212-229-5124
  • Visual and Performing Arts Courses: 212-229-5108
  • Writing: 212-229-5611

Emergency Phone Number for The New School

  • Life-Threatening Emergency: 911
  • Campus Security: 212-229-7001
  • Student Medical Services: 212-598-4796
  • Student Counseling Services: 212-229-1671
  • University Advisory Message: 212-229-7008


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