Sharp Customer Service Number

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Sharp Corporation is probably one of the oldest names in the consumer electronics industry. Founded in September 1912 in Japan, Sharp has become one of the world leaders in the consumer electronic goods market and pretty much a household name. Sharp products are known for their excellent quality and reliability. Their development team is always into developing new technology and offering the best of their innovative minds to their patrons. Sharp has always moved forward with a simple aim in their mind, to help make the lives of the people easier. In case you have any queries or concerns that you would like to express you can call the Sharp Customer Service Phone Number provided along with the other Sharp Customer Support Numbers provided below.

Sharp Customer Support Number USA

Product Support/General Inquiries Call: 1-800-237-4277 (1-800-BE-SHARP)
Sharp Direct Call: 1-877-742-7704
Solar Inquiries Call: 1-800-765-2706
Warranties Call: 1-866-848-1144

A Sharp representative will always be present on the other end of the line in case you have any kind of problem with your Sharp device. Sharp has numerous centres located all across the globe in case you need to repair or service your Sharp device. You can also express your concern to the company in writing and write a letter to them consisting of our query and send it via mail. The Sharp USA Headquarters Address is given below along with the Sharp USA Headquarters Phone Number.

Sharp USA Corporate Headquarters

Address: Sharp Electronics Corporation
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ
Contact Number: 07495-1163
Fax: (201) 529-8200

Sharp has a pretty long history of almost a century in providing state of the art technology to their patrons.  Sharp was the first company in the world to produce the first camera phone and their televisions boast of a perfectly clear picture. They have always tried to innovate and make their presence known in the industry. Sharp has always given its customers a high priority and are always available to answer their questions and queries.

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