San Francisco Conservatory of Music Contact Information

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Committed towards educating exceptionally talented musicians from all corners of the world, San Francisco Conservatory of Music is a reputed professional music institute situated in San Francisco, California. Through their study of music at the premier level, the music academy exposes music aspirants into a world of daily endeavour followed by challenges to be turned into opportunities. In doing so, students are made to comprehend the nature of superiority and to chase their dreams with determination and happiness. San Francisco Conservatory of Music Contact Information is the source to gather more details regarding the institute’s course, schedule, fee, duration and other related queries. Interested individuals can take help of either the address or the Phone Number, mentioned in the Contact Information, to resolve their enquiries. Thus San Francisco Conservatory of Music Contact Details have been mentioned below.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music Contact Details

Address: 50 Oak Street, San Francisco CA 94102-6011
Phone Number: 415-864-7326
Fax: 415-503-6299
Box Office Phone: 415-503-6275

Since tuning students with musical skills is their major concern, San Francisco Conservatory gives in their best to provide a unique and innovative ambience to their graduates. The academy was established in 1917 by Lillian Hodghead and Ada Clement. The school started off with four studios, two blackboards, three pianos and only forty pupils but today after more than nine decades it has evolved into one of the most reputed music institute with an enrolment of around 400 students. Its initial name was Ada Clement Piano School and later in 1923 it was renamed with the current recognition. Notable personalities such as Ed Buller (music producer), Miguel del Aguila (composer), George Duke (pianist) and many more have been graduates of this renowned music school. So if you have a weakness towards music and want to be a part of it, contact San Francisco Conservatory of Music Admission Office to know details regarding its admission procedure.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music Admission Office

Contact Person: Melissa Cocco-Mitten (Director of Admission)
Phone Number: 415-503-6207

Contact Person: Steve Castles (Associate Director of Admission)
Phone Number: 415-503-6231

San Francisco Conservatory also presents a yearly award for orchestral composition which is exclusively open for current pupil and recent alumni. The winner is selected by an independent panel of judges every spring and the composition is performed during the fall.

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