Purrfect Auto Service Contact Number

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(626) 858-2444

Purrfect Auto Service is a well-reputed and franchised business with more than 100+ locations across California, Nevada, and Arizona. Each store is individually owned and supervised by professionals and entrepreneurs. The professionals offer top-class automotive maintenance services and cater to the needs and requirements with a flexible approach. The locations cater to 5 different businesses, i.e., fast lube, brake system repair, smog inspection, air conditioning system service, and general repair. Note down Purrfect Auto Service Contact Details about 70+ locations from the website or note down the Purrfect Auto Service Address for a quick response.

Purrfect Auto Service Phone Number: (626) 858-2444

Purrfect Auto Service offers a wide list of services; some of them are as follows:

  • Car’s engine oil and filter change.
  • Drain and flush Transmission & refill.
  • Replacing air filter, crankcase filter fuel filter, and PCV valve.
  • Changing Wiper blades.
  • Repairing Radiator.
  • Fixing Belts and hoses.
  • Fixing Tune ups, distributor caps/rotors, ignition wire sets, timing belts.
  • 30K/60k/90k/120k/150k mile services.
  • Valve covers gaskets.
  • Detailed servicing and replacing of brake, pad/shoe, callipers, rotors/drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, hardware kits, etc.
  • Air conditioning repairs.
  • CV boots and motor mounts.
  • Smog inspection
  • Supervising Suspension repairs such as shocks, struts, steering columns, axles, etc. along with alignments, wheel balancing, and tires.
  • General repair such as clutches, water pumps, alternators, fuel pumps, etc.

Purrfect Auto Service Address

100 N. Barranca Street, Suite 718 West Covina CA 91791

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