Origin Customer Service Number

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(866) 543-5435

Young Gamers are very keen on knowing what’s new, or submitting their piece of mind to elevate the standards of gaming. Origin Customer Service Number makes it easy for enthusiastic gamers to reach out and attend to their queries and advice with the help of specified professionals seeking a chance to cater to every need. As a gaming enthusiast, you know the boons and banes of an efficient gaming service and must have engaged in various offered games developed and functionalized by Origin. Feeling an urge to talk and dissolve the doubts with the games or apps? Just dial Origin Customer Care Number, and you will be attended with proper time and communicative hospitality. Reserve your chance to take a step close to the company by making an appointment on Origin Customer Service Phone Number mentioned below.

Origin Customer Service Phone Number: (866) 543-5435

More than a mere store, Origin stands upright as a digital gaming service provider, which highlights the best adventure-seeking experiences through the virtual world, and elevate your fun-filled skills and experiences with selective features, game-moderate advances and adrenaline-filled game moves to have ecstatic digital gaming moments. While managing your virtual game library, you can chat with your friends, surf and even stream globally with just a click. Some of the exclusive gaming sections involve names like Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed and Titan fall. Downloading these games is super easy and less time-consuming, and with less space, time and more quality, no one can bat a slight eye. Pick up any game you desire, and Origin will rail out every possibility to cater a perfect online gaming experience with Great Game Guarantee. You can contact the premises by dialing Origin Customer Service Contact Number or by mailing your questions, demands, suggestions and feedback on Origin Customer Service Email address mentioned below.

Origin Headquarters Contact Details

Address: Electronic Arts Support
P.O. Box 9025, Redwood City, CA 94063
Fax: (650) 628-5999
Phone Number: (866) 543-5435

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