Nintendo Customer Service Number

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+1 800-255-3700

Nintendo is a Japanese global consumer electronics company that was established on 23rd September, 1889 with its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. In fact it is the largest video game company in the world, in terms of revenue and has captured all the major international markets including that of the United States. Thus ardent game lovers can dial the Nintendo Customer Service Number for guidance about Nintendo repair and part orders, system set-up and troubleshooting along with updates regarding Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS.  One can even use the Wii Customer Service Number for detailed enquiries related to selecting an external storage device for Wii U, to determine storage space on a Wii U console, transfer of content from a Wii to a Wii U, information on latest system updates and so on. On the other hand, Nintendo Online Store Customer Service Number comes handy for online order of accessories, problem solving and replacement of parts etc. If you are based in the US, refer the Nintendo Customer Service Number that has been provided below.

Nintendo Customer Service Number: +1 800-255-3700

Nintendo is the brainchild of Fusajiro Yamauchi and in 1956 credits goes to his grandson, Hiroshi Yamauchi for introducing it in the United States with the help of United States Playing Card Company. According to 30th June, 2013 reports the company has sold more than 655.9 million hardware units and 4.12 billion software units. The US division of the company is based in Redmond, Washington with distribution centres in Atlanta and North Bend, Washington.

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