Nickelodeon Customer Care Helpline

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Nickelodeon, launched on December 1, 1977, is a leading American cable and satellite television network focused on airing children’s programs. Owned by Viacom Media Networks, it is headquartered in New York and highly popular among children’s aged 2 to 17. It was launched as Pinwheel and further re-launched as the original name on April 1, 1979. At the beginning, the channel was commercial free and remained so until 1984. Channel’s customer care executives are the main source of getting information related to various important things. They can be easily reached through Nickelodeon Customer Care Helpline Number.

Nickelodeon Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-212-258-7500


The original name of the channel comes from Nickelodeons. Its broadcast schedule mainly consists of original series focused on children, pre-teens and young teenagers, including various animated series such as Spongebob, SquarePants, Chipmunks and many more. Though the channel doesn’t produce theatrically released or direct-to-video on daily basis, it produces its original movie especially made for cable television. Such movies are premiered in its own original made-for-cable on weekend evening or on special school holidays.

Nickelodeon Headquarter Address 

1515, Broadway New York, NY 10036


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