New York Presbyterian Allen Hospital Contact

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New York Presbyterian Hospital Phone Number can be accessed by patients seeking for best medical care. New York Presbyterian Hospital is well-equipped with advanced medical equipment to serve its patients. Dial New York Presbyterian Hospital Phone Number to know more about hospital facilities and admission procedures. Presbyterian Hospital NYC is a non-profit university hospital in New York City. The hospital has gained esteemed reputation for having expertise in advanced medical practices. Make a note of New York Presbyterian Hospital Address for further medical assistance.

New York Presbyterian/Allen Presbyterian Hospital Phone Number: 212-932-4000 / 866-NYP-ALLEN

  • Main Number: 212-932-4000
  • Admitting Department: 212-932-5079
  • Gift Shop: 212-932-5050
  • Insurance: 212-632-7440
  • Lost and Found: 212-932-4400
  • Medical Records: 212-932-4547
  • Pastoral Care: 212-932-5310
  • Patient Information: 212-932-4300
  • Patient Services Administration: 212-932-4321
  • Private Accommodations: 212-932-5079
  • Private Duty Nursing: 212-305-2525
  • Security: 212-932-4400
  • Telephone and Television: 212-932-4048

The Allen Presbyterian Hospital is a reputed hospital located in northern Inwood, Manhattan. The hospital specializes in the treatment of cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, and hernia. It is a part of New York–Presbyterian Hospital and it has 2,478 beds and is listed as one of the largest hospital in the United States. The Allen Hospital holds expertise in surgical management of cardiac and gallbladder diseases. With several awards the hospital has emerged as a trusted name in the realm of medical sciences. If you have queries related to the treatment offered by the specialists, note down NY Presbyterian Hospital Address for more information. The hospital is affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools: Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College. The hospital is well-appointed to conduct transplants, surgeries and therapies.

Allen Presbyterian Hospital Address

5141 Broadway (at 220th Street)
New York, NY 10034
Telephone: 212-932-4000, 866-NYP-ALLEN

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