Motorola Phones Customer Service Number

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Based in Schaumburg, Illinois; Motorola is a global American telecommunications company. The company’s department of wireless telephone handset has even been credited as the pioneer in cellular telephones for introducing the “clam phone” with the StarTAC and the “flip phone” with the MicroTAC during 1990s. On 2nd November 2009, the first Motorola Android Smartphone – Motorola Droid was launched. Their customer care representatives remain available round the clock all through the week days for catering to customer related queries. The Motorola Phones Customer Service Number has been allotted by the company for providing customer care services all over the United States. On 1st January, 2010; the corporation made it a compulsory rule to possess valid entitlement in order to receive technical support. For further enquiries contact Motorola Phones Customer Support Numbers that have been mentioned below.

Motorola Phones Customer Support Number

Motorola Android Phones Customer Service Number: 1-800-734-5870
Motorola Non-Android Phones Customer Service Number: 1-800-331-6456
Motorola iDEN i-series/ic Series Phones Customer Service Number: 1-800-453-0920
Motorola TTY Customer Service Number: 1-888-390-6456

Motorola was founded on 25th September, 1928 under the name Galvin Manufacturing Corporation but it became public only in 1943 and in 1947 it came to be known with the current name. Since then there was no looking back and the brand has came  with various innovative ideas to keep up the spirit of the consumers. In step of their creation, the brand tries to provide its clients and customers with technology that can make connection with people seamless. Motorola RAZR is the most acclaimed product of recent times. The telecom company has attracted millions of customers from all across the globe with their exceptional handsets blended with the tint of latest technology and design. To be precise, Motorola has strived for over 8 decades to connect individuals with each other and the encompassing world through their inventive and modern tactics.

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