Flatrate Moving Company Contact Information

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Flatrate Moving Company is a reputed name whose facilities can be availed through the Flatrate Moving Company Contact Information. Stay in touch with the Contact Details including the Phone Number for better relocation and shifting services and facilities in USA. Their affordable moving rates have enhanced the mover-client relationship. If you are looking for safe, efficient and pocket friendly moving services, call them through the Flatrate Moving Company Phone Number. Being client oriented, they will never fail to answer your requirements.

Flatrate Moving Company Phone Number: 212-988-9292

Established in 1991, Flatrate Moving Company is a well known name when it comes to reputed and well settled moving companies in the United States. They had introduced change in this particular industry with their all-inclusive, guaranteed and one-price move service and facility. Being customer concerned and continuing with innovation have paved the success path for the company. Today, apart from its New York office, the company can boast of having representatives across 160 overseas destinations along with an office in London. Flatrate Moving Company’s goal is to enhance the ways of moving industry by being responsive and innovative. For further details and updates, stay in close relation with the Flatrate Moving Company Headquarters Address.

Flatrate Moving Company Headquarters Address

Address: 555 West 25th St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001
Fax: 212.269.2769

Human resource, private storage, storage facilities, state-of-the-art dispatch center, customer services and sales center are the major facilities that the company is renowned to offer. The organization’s services and facilities are not only opened to local buts as well to long distance, commercial, international and elite. Thus if you are in search of enhanced and safe moving services, forget not to contact the Flatrate Moving Company Phone Number and to stay in touch with their Contact Information.

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