Broadway Dance Centre Contact Information

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The Broadway Dance Centre, New York has built quite a name for itself ever since it was established in 1984 and is counted as a leading Dance Academy in USA. They have been catering to dancers from all around the globe and training them to be professionals in the art. Broadway Dance Centre has rightly earned its reputation as a beacon of excellence in dance education in the global dance community. Located in the heart of the Broadway theatre district in New York City, this dance institute offers the best infrastructure and an amazing faculty to all its students. The institute offers a wide range of programs to all the students, the Broadway Dance Centre Training Program has been designed to change the newest of dancers into consummate professionals.  For more information about the training programs and admission procedures you can contact the institute; the Broadway Dance Centre Contact Information is provided below.

Broadway Dance Centre Contact Details 

Address: 322 West 45th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036
Contact Number: 212.582.9304
Fax: 212.977.2202

The Broadway dance institute offers the best facilities to all its students, which is probably why it is counted among the top Dance Institutes in USA. Their Faculty includes over 80 professional dancers who are ever committed in training their pupils. The teachers are complete professionals and bring their expertise and years of experience in the field to the table which is a huge benefit for the students. The Work study program offered the Broadway Dance Centre allows the students who are in need of financial help but really want to train themselves as dancers to attend the classes at discounted fees in exchange for the various minor chores around the institute. Broadway Dance Centre recognises and appreciates talent and work hard to polish it up. For more information about the institute or the Broadway Dance Centre Schedule you can contact the institute on the number given above along with other Broadway Dance Centre Contact Information.

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