Boston Rugby Football Club

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(617) 835-8309

Boston Rugby Football Club is a premier rugby union team based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Established in 1960, it is also known as BRFC. It is not an ordinary rugby club as it participates in national competition amongst the premier clubs in the United States. The club is governed by the New England Rugby Football Union, the Northeast Rugby Union, and USA Rugby and enjoys an unparalleled reach in the United States of America. Fostering each player with overall athletic skills for achieving success in all levels is the major concern of the Football Club. With many members serving on rugby boards and coaching various youth, college teams and high school goers, Boston Rugby Football Club has been contributing an optimistic contribution to the rugby community.

Boston Rugby Football Club Contact Details

Address: Boston Rugby Football Club, C/O Glynn MacKenzie 91 Jenness St. Lynn,
MA  01904

The Club was brought into existence in the year of 1960, but it could not be recognized as a national competitive club until 1996. In the year of 1996, the club was accepted into Super League, the premier division of club rugby in the United States. The Boston Rugby Club is committed to providing a world-class rugby experience for rugby enthusiasts of all skill and experience levels. Since its humble beginning way back to 1960, the club has also contributed numerous international players to the United States national side. The club fields men’s Division 1, Old Boys, and Under-19 teams, and continues to participate in the highest level of rugby in the United States through the Elite Cup competition. For further information, find above Boston Rugby Football Club Contact Details. We have mentioned above comprehensive Boston Rugby Football Club Contact Details including the Contact Address and Phone Number of the academy.

Boston Rugby Football Club Phone Numbers

President Chris Williams (617) 835-8309
Vice President Tyler Williams (269) 532-2759
Director of Operations Hugh Galligan (781) 467-9772
Treasurer Glynn MacKenzie
Match Secretary Brennan Moore (203) 610-0163
Club Captain Sean Treacy (617) 947-5338
Director Of Coaching Mike Diamantopoulos (617) 780-0317
Boston Rugby 7’s Coach Kevin Immonje
Recruiting Manager James Mitchell (603) 359-0597
Webmaster Chuck Murphy (617) 241-7977
Director of Sponsorships
and Events
Brendan Ridge (781) 964-8168
Old Boys Joe Dolan (617) 698-4601

The Boston Rugby Football Club has given patronage to a great number of talented athletes who come together to play competitive and successful rugby in the USA. While playing the game athletes also maintain an abiding commitment to the timeless Jewish values. The prime goal of the the Club is to establish itself as an entity providing top notch sports services to the community. Through service projects in the Boston area and partnerships with area non-profits, the Club aims to distinguish itself as a team that leverages the powerful bond forged on the playing field to strengthen the community as a whole off the field. For more information, you can find above Boston Rugby Football Club Contact Details. In addition to that, we also provide Boston Rugby Football Club Contact Numbers.

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