ZTE Phones Customer Service Number

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ZTE USA is the North American subsidiary of the world renowned Chinese telecommunications equipment and systems corporation – ZTE Corporation. It was established during 1985 as Zhongxing Semiconductor Co. In March 1993, it changed its name to Zhongxing New Telecommunications Equipment Co., Ltd. (ZTE). The company’s American headquarter is located at Dallas, Texas and has association with a number of US telecommunication carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, AT&T, Sprint and Cricket Communications. It also maintains branch offices in Morristown (NJ), Kansas City, Atlanta and Bellevue (WA). Currently, ZTE operates in three business units- carrier networks (54%), terminals (29%) and telecommunication (17%).

In order to afford customer friendly phone services, the company has publicized the ZTE Phones Customer Service Number. The ZTE Phones Customer Support Number can also prove handy during the hours of lodging complains concerning any product or service disappointments. The brand’s customer support team is quite expert in the area of phones and thus can provide personalized, future-proof and cost-efficient solutions to their clients and consumers. Following is the ZTE Phones Customer Service Number. Clients also provided with ZTE Phones Contact Number for any personal interaction.

ZTE Phones Customer Service Number: 1-877-817-1759

Moreover, to focus on Terminal technology, CDMA and LTE related technologies, 4G technology and WiMAX, ZTE USA has established 5 R&D centres in the United States. ZTE Cell Phones Customer Service Number is available for the clients who wish to gain resolved solutions to their ingrown queries. Some of the popular devices launched under the resilience of ZTE USA are AXON PRO, SPRO 2 and ZMAXTM 2.

ZTE is currently third-largest smart phone manufacturer in the world and the second-largest supplier of prepaid devices in USA, as of 2015. Apart from mobile phones, it also concentrates on products such as optical transmission, wireless, access, data telecommunications gear, and exchange and telecommunications software.

In the year 2015, ZTE grabbed Four IDG Awards at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show and ranked No.1 in PCT patent applications in WIPO table in 2011 and 2012. Feel free to dial ZTE Cell Phone Tech Support Number and ZTE Mobiles USA Phone Number for any technical issues and cell phone inquiries arising.

  • Device Support: 877-817-1759
  • Axon Device Support: 800-617-5065 (In case of troubleshooting, please contact us from a different device.)
  • Support availability: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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