Minnkota Power Cooperative Contact Details

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The North Dakota based company Minnkota Power Cooperative is a renowned supplier of energy. The company serves its main purpose of supplying wholesale power to 11-member distribution cooperatives in North Dakota and North-western Minnesota. These members cover 34,500 square-mile area to serve approximately 135,000 customers. It is a non-profit electric generation and transmission cooperative. Besides, the company also supplies energy to Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA). You can easily explore every important detail about the company and its services using Minnkota Power Cooperative Contact Details.


Minnkota Power Cooperative Phone Numbers:

701-795-4000 – Grand Forks headquarters

701-794-8711 – Milton R. Young Station

Minnkota Power Cooperative Email: minnkota@minnkota.com

Minnkota Power Cooperative uses Milton R. Young Station as a primary and the main source for power production. Located nearby the town of Center, N.D. Minnkota, it is mainly a coal-based power plant blessed with two units for power generation. With a primary motto of offering affordable power services, the company has a well-maintained electric transmission infrastructure that helps it to meet demands of its members and their consumers.

Minnkota Power Cooperative Address

5301 32nd Avenue South

Grand Forks, ND 58201

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