Citadel Security Agency Contact Information

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(212) 509-5570

Citadel Security Agency Contact Information can be accessed by all those who seek to avail their services. Citadel is a trusted name when it comes to the excellent security services. For more information about their services, get in touch with their experts on Citadel Security Agency Phone Number. All your security concerns will come to an end at Citadel. You must interact with the company officials on Citadel Security Agency New York Support Number as they can serve you with the detailed and authentic information.

Citadel Security Agency Contact Details

Address: 419 Lafayette Street #2New York, NY 10003 – 7033
Phone Number: (212) 509-5570

A retired NYPD detective was the founder of the Citadel Security Agency. The company came into existence in 1981. People can select from wide range of services for instance special event security, trade show security and security guards as per their needs. You can also decide on whether the officers will be dressed in their uniforms or civilian clothes. Not just the security services the company serves its customers with wide range of other useful services too. Citadel is known for effective threat assessment and quick response at the time of emergency. Acquire permits, direct traffic ensure on-site medical attention and many more services can be opted. The company offers security for hotels, trade shows, schools, offices and events. With the presence of their trained fire guards at your event you can relax and enjoy the event. Customers can also visit the Citadel Security Agency Address to discuss their security needs. You must settle for professional, highly trained and disciplined security personnel for the security of your loved ones and priceless possessions. You can also meet the security consultants to discuss and review security and contingency plan.

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