Bonchon Chicken Service Support Number

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(212) 686-8282

Bonchon Chicken is a South Korean-based international restaurant chain. The first Bonchon outlet was opened in 2002, in the coastal city of Busan, South Korea by Jinduk Seh. Subsequently, Bonchon has become a global phenomenon with stores in the United States, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Cambodia, with more to follow in 2015. Bonchon Chicken gives a new dimension to the fried chicken with beer. Bonchon’s signature dish, fried chicken, is specially made by using the unique double frying method. Founder Jinduk Seh has perfected the Bonchon Chicken Menu. As per the restaurant members, Bonchon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”. Dial Bonchon Chicken Contact Number to place an order. Pay a visit to Bonchon Chicken Head Office for an easy booking. Bonchon offers best-in-class dining experience along with quality and fresh food products.

Bonchon Chicken Head Office Contact Number: (212) 686-8282

Bonchon Chicken menu comprises an assortment of fusion Korean and Asian dishes, such as Bibimbop, Japchae and Tteokbokki. Bonchon offers perfect dining experiences. Bonchon now adds vegetarian twist with delicious meat-free options include Tofu Sesame Ginger Salad, Edamame, and Pickled Daikon (Radish). Bonchon restaurant offers a variety of revenue streams, with three different concepts for their restaurants: sports bar, traditional sit-down or quick service. For customer convenience, certain restaurants also offer take-out and delivery services.

Bonchon Chicken Contact Number: (212) 221-3339

The globally-acclaimed franchise is famous for its fried chicken, double-fried chicken and hand brushed with secret sauces. The brand ‘Bonchon’ extended to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines till 2015, catering and targeting to a local market. In August 2016, Bonchon opened its outlet in Elk Grove Location, California, US.

Some of Bonchon Chicken’s New York franchises are-

  • Address: 32ND STREETNEW YORK
    325 5th Ave New York, NY 10016
    Tel: (212) 686-8282
  • Address: 38TH STREET NEW YORK
    207 W 38th St, New York NY 10018
    Tel: (212) 221-3339
    25-30 Broadway, Astoria NY 11106
    Tel: (929) 522-0171
    45-37 Bell Blvd, Bayside NY 11361
    Tel: (718) 225-1010
  • Address: JOHN STNEW YORK
    104 John St, New York NY 10038
    Tel: (646) 692-4660


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