Alltel Wireless Customer Service Number

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Alltel Wireless is a wireless cellular service provider, that is primarily based in USA and offers cell phones and data, text or voice plans. It serves 6 states as of December 2012, and serves about 800,000 customers. Contact information related to Alltel Wireless customer service and help is given here. If you have any problem or query, please contact Alltel Wireless Customer Service Number, Alltel Wireless Customer Support Number or Alltel Wireless Phone Number. They have professionals and skilled customer care representatives to help their customers whenever they need them. Alltel is the ninth largest wireless telecommunications company in the United States and their customer support services are at the best to stand above the rest. You can make your reach to them any time an anywhere in the country with their Alltel Wireless Technical Support Phone Number or Alltel Wireless Headquarters Address.

Alltel Wireless Customer Support Number

Alltel Wireless Customer Service Number: 1-800-255-8351 or dial *611
Alltel Wireless Order new services by phone: 1-866-255-8357

The ALLTEL Wireless is a telecommunications Corporation that provides bundled services, including wireless, paging, local telephone, long-distance and Internet services to over 10 million customers in 24 states. The company concentrate on all from small to medium size cities offering wireless services to business customers and residential in all 50 states with Verizon and Sprint and through roaming agreements. These settlements gave Alltel customers to provide nationwide services, while serving those carriers coverage in rural areas. You can make your correspondence to Alltel Wireless via their Alltel Wireless Headquarters Address and by contacting Alltel Wireless Technical Support Phone Number. You can come to them with any of your connectivity or service issues and they will be pleased to help you.

Alltel Wireless Headquarters Address

Address: Atlantic Tele-Network
1001 Technology Drive, Little Rock, AR 72223 , United States

For all your needs and requirements Alltel Wireless contact information is given above. You are just a call away from them to be assisted by best of their services. Please call Alltel Wireless Customer Service Number, Alltel Wireless Customer Support Number or Alltel Wireless technical support Phone Number and make your reach to Alltel Wireless Headquarters.

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